Winter Waterfront Walk

Duration: 2hrs

Location: Thunder Bay's Waterfront - a.k.a. 'Prince Arthur's Landing + Marina'

Adult Guest (10+)


Walk along the shores of the largest freshwater lake in the world, and experience local stories, art and delicious tastings of food + drink.

  • Relax and connect with Lake Superior, and learn how it is deeply entwined in the collective consciousness of those who call this home.
  • Hear stories about the meaningful public art installations, and the natural + cultural history along this beautiful shoreline walk.
  • Warm up with a tasting that celebrates the area's vibrant food scene + local distinctiveness.

Bundle up! Tours run in cold temperatures, and it is often colder by the lake.

Wear solid footwear to prepare for icey conditions.

Your tour guide will greet you inside the Water Pavilion, by the doors facing the Lake.

Begin with a tour of some of the art on display nearby, before walking along some of the Piers with breathtaking views, connecting with the meaningful history of the area.  The public art will highlight the community’s deep connection to Lake Superior, and will invite you to do the same.

End with a seat at a local restaurant for a delicious tasting, that supports local farmers and food providers.

Connect with the Big Lake, the beauty + stories about the local natural + cultural history.

Prince Arthur’s Landing + marina

Awe-inspiring views of the Sleeping Giant + Lake Superior. Stroll along the waterfront where the City’s largest public art installations are inviting you to connect with the Lake.

Local Restaurant in the Waterfront District

Enjoy a delicious tasting from a nearby local restaurant that will highlight some of the area’s vibrant food scene, steps away from the Big Lake.

Connect to Thunder Bay's waterfront and lakeshore, with stories and local food.

Water Pavillion

Begin at the waterfront inside the 'Water Pavillion', and connect with some of the public art, and grab a warm drink to bring along for the walk

Prince Arthur's Landing

Walk along Prince Arthur's Landing, Thunder Bay's marina along the shores of Lake Superior, and explore some of the natural and cultural history through stories and sights.

Bight Restaurant

End at a delicious local restaurant for a tasting that highlights this specializing in local and seasonally inspired fresh menu.

There are a 3 main parking lots conveniently located along Thunder Bay's waterfront, aka Prince Arthur's Landing. The closest one may be the parking lot adjacent to the historic Train Station.

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Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

Are the food and drink tastings included in the price?

Yes, all tastings of food + drink (as described for each tour under ‘What to Expect’) are covered with your ticket purchase.  Additionally, ‘Seek’ provides a minimum of 18% gratuity to all restaurant servers.  If you desire additional drinks or food during any of the stops beyond what the tour offers, there will be opportunities for you to purchase these at your own additional expense.  We do however, recommend that you wait until the end of the tour, so that you don’t fill up too soon and miss out on tastings planned for you!



Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

What do we do in case of bad weather?

The tours are held rain, shine, or snow.

However, if there is a significant storm that is effecting safe travel, we will either reschedule, or turn your tour into a ‘gift certificate’ to redeem at a later date.

We advise you to check the weather conditions for your days event, and dress appropriately, including sturdy footwear. In the winter months, this sturdy, warm footwear needs to be appropriate for snow/ice conditions.

In the summer months, we can lend umbrellas (for urban tours) or ponchos (for guided hikes) if you do not have your own.

In the winter months, we recommend you dress in layers, with a (non-cotton) wicking layer, insulating layers of wool or fleece, and a wind-breaker/shell – topped with cozy mittens and a hat of course!

FYI – Please note: even in the summer months, here in Thunder Bay, onshore wind off Lake Superior can be very chilly!

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour at our selected food-tasting locations in Thunder Bay’s neighbourhoods.  However, we strongly recommend that you use the facilities before meeting up, so that we can stay on schedule and maximize our tastings!

When participating in a guided hike + picnic adventure in nearby natural areas, bathroom locations are limited, and be prepared for more primitive options.  It’s all part of the adventure 🙂

Still have questions?   Visit our FAQ page to submit your own

"We had a wonderful tour, learned a lot and ate great food. It was fun for both the locals and out of towners in the group."

Michelle C.

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