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Adults $69-, Child $59- (ages 9+) $139-
2 hours 45 minutes 5 hours
5:30 pm Tuesdays Contact us for a private booking !
Those interested in celebrating the joy of Tacos + local distinctiveness, through the area's stories, history + food. Nature Lovers + Adventurers with moderate+ fitness levels, keen to explore the Boreal Forest on an extended hike (2.5 hours hiking)
Age 9+ Family Friendly with children 9+ (for younger children, please book a private or custom tour)

Photo from the Big Lake Taco Fiesta

Photo from the Guided Hike

Food & Drink

Three tacos from 3 chefs, in 3 different establishments + two 4-oz tastings of local craft beer, 1/2 oz tasting of Tequila + local gelato ! Catered picnic / snack from a delicious Thunder Bay Bakery
Additional alcoholic beverages are available for purchase No, there are no alchoholic beverages available for purchase
Stories of the place, through the natural + cultural history celebrated on the walk, including Thunder Bay's first Graffiti alley Hiking in a nearby natural area with an experienced wilderness guide

The Tour

Max 8 guests Max 6 (or book a private tour)
Min 2 guests Min 2 guests (or book a private tour)
Moderate fitness level, as we will be walking 1.5-2 km in total throughout the tour Good fitness level to hike a min. 2-3 km on uneven trails


Big Lake Taco Fiesta

Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel
Cumberland Street North, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Guided Hike

314 Bay St
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1S1, Canada

Thunder Bay's Waterfront District, with views of Lake Superior Provincial park or other spectacular natural area
Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel lobby Seek HQ, located upstairs in the Finnish Labour Temple, 314 Bay St.
Yes, it is located near the Water Street Bus station; plus, there are taxis or, upload the URide App + receive a discount with a Seek tour Yes, there is public transportation available.
Yes, street parking (meters) are free after 5 pm in downtown Thunder Bay Yes, there is parking available.