About Seek Adventure & Tours

Locally owned + operated business with a passion for local food, stories and adventure.

Mission is simply:
Lead exceptional tours, be ecologically and socially responsible, and celebrate local distinctiveness.

Build meaningful connections with the land, water and local peoples, contributing to community vitality.
This soulful/soleful and responsible tourism business is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and offers guided experiential walking food tours in Thunder Bay neighbourhoods and guided hikes in nearby natural areas with locally crafted catered lunch/snacks. We aim to provide tours that provide both a learning experience and a positive social impact on our local community.

Our food walks are designed for local foodies + adventurous travellers who wish to learn about the history, art and culture, while indulging in authentic food experiences from our vibrant food scene with tastings from the region's chefs, farmers and food artisans.

Evening view of Lake Superior from Hillcrest Park (photo: Tourism TBay)

Sue Hamel

Owner, Lead Seeker + Soleful Guide

Sue Hamel is a passionate adventurer and outdoor/ environmental educator with over 25 years of experience, both nationally and internationally, and is the proud owner and lead guide for Seek Adventure & Tours Inc.

Sue has experience teaching guiding and leading wilderness expeditions of various lengths here in North America (e.g. white water canoeing, sea-kayaking, dog-sledding, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc) as well as extended educational wildlife safaris in Kenya and Botswana.

She loves living on the northshore of Lake Superior, and exploring it with her husband, two children, and other kindred spirits.


Inspiring Sole-Full Guides:

We are thrilled that our team is growing !

Anna Parker

Soleful Guide

Anna is an experienced wilderness guide and outdoor educator. Her passion for connecting people to place through food, stories, and laughter has brought her to Seek.